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The Ultimate Sin Cheesecake Company Story…

girl_thoughts_companyNot just a dessert, snack or sweet treat, The Ultimate Sin Cheesecake is an experience not to be taken casually! The Ultimate Sin Cheesecake Company is passionately committed to innovation and quality foods, it is important to us that your experience be as satisfying to you as it is to your palate.

Russell McClintock, who helped develop the original recipes for our cheesecakes, attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, where he graduated in 1982. During his time at the “C.I.A”, he was a teacher’s aide and was hired, while still in school, to be an Executive Chef for J.Q. Hammonds Hotels upon graduation.

Russell has worked from San Diego to New York, picking up new ideas and has spent years carefully developing the recipes that now produce our extraordinary cheesecakes.

Patricia Morrissey, CEO of The Ultimate Sin Cheesecake Company has a passion to bring the ultimate confection to as wide an audience as possible. Her heart and soul belongs to this company, as does her commitment to making the “Ultimate Confection Perfection”. Patricia’s mission is making The Ultimate Sin Cheesecake Company your destination for unique, memorable and completely satisfying cheesecakes.
We “sin”cerely hope that our patrons and soon to be friends, come to enjoy the more than 66 different flavors of our superior cheesecakes.

We look forward to doing business with you.
Patricia A. Morrissey – CEO
The Ultimate Sin Cheesecake Company