Cheesecake FAQ

We Answer Your Questions About Cheesecake

girl_thoughts_faq1. What is unique about The Ultimate Sin Cheesecake?
The flavors and texture, a cross between a New York style cheesecake and a luscious Mousse.

2. Where can I purchase Ultimate Sin Cheesecakes?
We are in Northern California in TL cakes, Brentwood, Ristorante Fratello and Bertucelli’s La Villa Gourmet Delicatessen both in San Jose.

3. Has the Ultimate Sin Cheesecake been endorsed by any celebrities?
Yes! Martin Yan from “Yan Can Cook” and Catherine Heenan news anchor at KRON-TV.

4. What are the Ultimate Sin Cheesecake ingredients?
Nuts, fruits, natural flavors and of course Cream Cheese – the ONLY item with preservatives.

5. What sizes and prices do the Cheesecakes come in?
There are 3 sizes; Individual, 8” and 10”. Prices vary from $5.00-$48.00, depending on the size and if it is a Standard, Specialty, Seasonal, or Holiday Flavor.

6. How can I pay for my Cheesecake?
Cash, check or credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

7. Can I buy directly from you?
Yes but the shipping cost is very high. With a minimum order we do ship for FREE! Contact us for cost and delivery area.

8. What are the delivery charges?
It is determined by distance but if you order 4 more 8″ or 10″ local delivery is FREE! Contact us for cost and delivery area.

9. How many Ultimate Sin Cheesecake flavors are there?
There are 60+ flavors to choose from and counting! We are always creating new sweet flavors and we
are working on a Savory cheesecake line now too!

10. What is the best way to try the flavors?
Follow us on our Facebook Page to find out which local events we will be attending and come by for a taste!

11. I can’t decide which Cheesecake to give, do you have gift cards?
We don’t have Gift Cards set up at the moment, but you can feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to help you decide on an appropriate flavor for your gift.

12. Is decorating available?
Yes just call and we’ll be happy to help make your event even more special!

13. I have an allergic reaction to nuts should I be concerned?
Unfortunately yes we use nuts in several of the cheesecakes

14. Can you do large quantities for parties or events?
Yes we can do large quantities of all types!

15. Do you do Wedding cakes?
Soon…check back for updates.

16. How do you eat the Cheesecake?
Take from freezer and defrost in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, then take the Cheesecake out and leave at room temperature for another 30 minutes, then serve! You will have a creamy fantastic Cheesecake. But for a special treat defrost in the refrigerator for 30 minutes then eat! It will still be a slightly frozen; this will be a delicious tasty treat!

17. What is the best way to cut the Cheesecake?
Surprise! Your cheesecake comes sliced with sheets between for easier serving!

18. Do I have to eat the whole Cheesecake at once?
No your cheesecake comes sliced with sheets between them so you can individually wrap any uneaten slices.

19. Can you refreeze the Cheesecake?
Yes the taste or texture will not be changed.

20. How long can I store the Cheesecake in the freezer?
Up to 6 months.

21. How long can I store the Cheesecake in the refrigerator?
Up to 2 weeks.